Naming: A Software for the Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage in Ghana

Naming: A Software for the Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage in Ghana

The significance of the cultures of individuals is undisputed and is confirmed by a number of empirical scientific tests. Lifestyle defines the make-up of societies. This consists of their perception systems, norms, beliefs, values and ethics. This helps make it easier to preserve the superior cultural gems of a persons from 1 technology to the other. As aspect of the society of a men and women, the naming craze is section of the lovely tradition of an ethnic modern society.

Names carry the historical episode of a lot of societies. In Ghana, names are instantly connected to historic situations in the lives of the persons or at times unique family members. To illustrate, numerous young children born in Ghana on the Wednesday 6th March 1957 when the nation obtained their independence from British rule were being identified as ‘Kwaku Ghana’ (Kwaku- the title of a male kid born on Wednesday) or ‘Akua Ghana’ (Akua- the name of a feminine kid born on Wednesday) to remember this legendary moment in the heritage of the Ghanaian people.

Ordinarily, persons are named soon after the celebration as a sort of remembrance. A child is referred to as ‘Nkyiridwo Kojo’ (A male child born on Monday when the Nkyiridwo pageant was commemorated). This title inbound links the human being to his area of descent, thus, Essumeja in the Ashanti Location of Ghana which is the host community for the ‘Nkyiridwo’ (the tabooed Monday) competition. Some men and women were named soon after individual societal or national happenings. For occasion, many households that skilled the famine sting in Ghana in 1983 named their relatives associates born in the 12 months just after this unforgettable episode in their life. Examples of this sort of names incorporate ‘Abrafi Kom’ (You arrived property in the interval of famine). Interestingly, people who were being born just when foods became plentiful were being also called ‘Kofi Kumkom’ (‘Kofi’-A male kid who is born on a Friday, ‘Kumkom’- who killed the famine or hunger).

Also, the ordeal or very good moments that flawlessly depict the scenario a loved ones was suffering from at the eve of one’s beginning is offered as names. For instance, a child is named ‘Antobere’ (Didn’t working experience the ache) when the boy or girl came to enjoy the excellent situations of the family and did not practical experience their lousy and unhappy times. A baby may possibly be identified as ‘Abebrese’ (Untold or extreme agony) due to the fact the mom and dad went via very challenging periods financially. It could also be as a final result of the delivery pains the youngster brought to the mom through his or her conception until s/he was last but not least delivered.

Also, to try to remember the exclusive trade or societal obligation assigned to distinct households in the society, their obligation is primarily attached to their offered names. For instance, users of a spouse and children from which spiritualists or classic priests and priestesses that presents the regular spiritual products and services in Ghana are born are specified surnames ‘Akom’ (common priestly responsibility).

Furthermore, lots of men and women are named soon after their spouse and children ancestors just to manage their ancestry lineage and reminiscences. Numerous Ghanaian moms and dads from time to time name their little ones just after the names of superior personalities whose shining examples are worthy of imitating. The solid belief is that names replicate the attitudes of their bearers. Nevertheless this is not always true, it cushions the bearer to wander the worthy route of the unique proprietor of the title. Indeed, names are repositories of the historic and cultural heritage of people today and exert a big effects on their bearers.