Rainforest Animals – Binturong

Rainforest Animals – Binturong



Scientific Identify:

Arctictis binturong


Minimum Issue

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Buy: Carnivora

Household: Viverridae

Subfamily: Paradoxurinae

Genus: Arctictis

Species: A. binturong

Normal Data:

The binturong also goes by the names of the Asian bearcat, the Palawan bearcat, or, simply, the bearcat. It is a nocturnal creature of Southeast Asia, generally dwelling large in the trees for both sleep and food. It is regarded to make a chuckling audio, and reportedly smells like a batch of freshly-manufactured popcorn. Althought detailed as an animal of “Least Issue”, the binturong has appear under sustained pressure. Deforestation has claimed a great deal of its pure habitat, and in some parts of its selection it is stated as “vulnerable” or “endangered”. It is also hunted as a culinary delicacy and for medicinal needs, in which it is generally applied as an aphrodisiac.

Physical Description:

In sizing, the binturong is close to that of a little pet. It averages a size of 2 – 3 ft, with an more tail duration of an additional 2 – 3 ft. It generally weighs 30 – 60 lbs. The binturong has thick, black fur, small rounded ears, and a lengthy active tail. Along with the kinkajou, the binturong is the only carnivore with a prehensile tail, which it makes use of as a sort of “fifth hand”. Ladies are typically about 20{fb3d3be40d62bfd323b107a6fdc0012014d59d2d0f15732591f2aedc612ae09a} larger sized than males.

Diet program:

Binturong are recognised to try to eat a range of meals, like fish, birds, eggs, leaves, plant shoots, little inverterbrates, and even carrion. In spite of the range of its hunger, the binturong is frugivorous, and feeds generally on fruits.


The binturong resides in the forests of Southeast Asia, roaming higher in the trees. It sleeps on branches for the duration of the day and is energetic for the duration of the night time. It can be observed in spots of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia (including Java, Sumatra, and Borneo), Burma, India, Thailand, and Palawan.


The binturong is one of only about 100 mammals able of delayed implantation. This allows the female to time birth with favorable environmental circumstances. This means that mating can take place at at any time through the yr. And though breeding is not seasonal, it has been observed that parturition (birth) happens far more commonly between February and April, with more intervals in July and November. Gestation lasts for a period of time of about 91 days, right after which time ordinarily 2 – 3 cubs are born. Binturongs reach sexual maturity at about 840 days.